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As we navigate through an exhilarating scale-up phase, TCR North America emerges as the driving force behind our expansion efforts.  In the dynamic growth region encompassing the US and Canada, we are on the verge of achieving a significant annual turnover milestone.


With a strong presence across 40 airports, 14 workshops, and a dedicated team exceeding 80 experts, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation over the past three years, propelling our turnover from its modest beginnings to a substantial achievement.





We are actively seeking an exceptional Managing Director to spearhead commercial development, harness our customer base potential, drive operational excellence and establish a lean, efficient organizational structure.


As the Managing Director, your pivotal role will center on strategically expanding and ensuring the sustainable growth of our operations across North America.  This role provides a unique platform for you to exert influence across diverse dimensions of our organization, spanning from streamlined operations and refined processes to nurturing customer relationships, cultivating a robust team culture, and refining market positioning.





Strategic leadership: forge the path for North American operations, spearheading business development projects, identifying growth opportunities, and leading expansion initiatives that harness the region's immense potential.


Talent development: shape an organizational structure and culture aligned with our ambitious North American growth, championing recruitment, development, and retention of top-tier talent, fostering a growth-oriented environment.


Operational excellence: collaborate with the Operations Director to ensure the availability of well-maintained GSE, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Financial acumen: assume full profit and loss responsibility, leveraging your financial expertise to ensure informed decision-making and drive ongoing market growth.


Customer-Centric approach: centralize your role around cultivating robust customer relationships, guaranteeing seamless operations, prompt issue resolution, and elevating overall customer satisfaction.


Process governance: lead by example, ensuring compliance with local regulations and company policies, fostering a culture of integrity and excellence through streamlined processes.






§  Industry expertise:  a proven track record in the B2B service industry is vital.  Ideally, you possess a robust understanding of the aviation sector and business development within this domain is a significant advantage.  Alternatively, expertise in leasing or renting of rolling equipment is valuable


§  You are a strategic thinker with a proven track record of shaping organizational direction and driving growth in through optimized operations and processes.


§  Financial proficiency: your strong grasp of financial management and ability to navigate profit and loss responsibilities make you a key driver of financial success.  Ideally your skill set extends to constructing and comprehending financial models, encompassing cash flow, IRR, NPV, valuations, and more. Calculating complex service contracts is a skill you bring to the table.


§  Your customer-centric approach and commitment to delivering exceptional value position you as a trusted partner in customer relationships.


§  Your experience in optimizing operations, governance, and controls ensures the highest level of operational excellence.


§  You are an experienced people manager with proven ability to lead bigger teams.  Your leadership style is geared towards attracting, developing, and empowering top talent, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


§  You excel in cross-functional collaboration, leveraging your interpersonal skills to drive alignment and unity across key teams.

§  You have a good understanding of the US business culture and are eligible to work in the US and Canada.


Join us in driving operational excellence and growth as the Managing Director based out of Detroit, Chicago, or Newark, and become a cornerstone in our journey towards operational excellence and growth. 





TCR Group is the leading provider of integrated solutions for GSE (Ground Support Equipment) in aviation. Our offerings encompass GSE rental, leasing, and maintenance. Headquartered near Brussels, with approximately 1500 employees, our operational footprint spans over 200 airports, cementing our global presence across America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.


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